Value Add Services

Our full suite of value add services was determined by listening to our customers needs and seeking out the best partners to deliver those services.

Heat Treating

Following processes such as forming, machining, cutting or welding these stresses may cause the part to become distorted. Heating the assembly to a known temperature for given period allows the internal stresses to be relieved, and distortion mitigated.


A thin layer of metal is applied to the outside of a component to offers additional characteristics such as corrosion resistance, surface hardening, friction reduction, decoration or paint adhesion improvement.


Painting of final assembly and pre-machined parts allows us to offer ready-to-assemble component for purchase, or a part for further integration through the tool room, assembly and final build services.

Surface Preparation

Prepares a metal surface for bonding, adhesion, insert molding, painting, other coating tasks or to achieve a specific surface texture, such as matte vs shiny. 


The process following the fabrication or machining of stainless steel which  treats the metal surface to remove any free iron which could affect the performance of the protective passive film.

Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

Non-invasive material testing  which  doesn't affect the future usefulness of the component. Methods offered are ultrasonic, magnetic-particle, liquid penetrant, radiography and Eddy-current.