Reverse Engineer, Repair & Refurbish

Utilizing decades of inhouse feature capture and component design experience, along with technologies such as CMM outputs and 3D modeling, Romac can recreate, repair or refurbish your components to meet your exacting standards and get your business back online.

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Reverse Engineer

Hard to find and discontinued parts are costly for your business. Reverse engineering or re-engineering allows an existing product or component to be reproduced through analysis to understand its design and functional intent.


Repair restores the functional capability of a failed or defective part.  An item in use may experience damage or failure to one or more of its components.  In some cases the damaged part can be processed to meet the original functional requirements.


Refurbishment restores a previously used product to a like-new condition, so that the items is equal to a new product in every aspect. The advantages of refurbishment include reduced cost, lower carbon footprint, quicker turn around and reduced downtime.